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Knatz Family in New York, Descended from Conrad Knatz, born 1838 Niedenstein Germany

Conrad Knatz was born in 1838 in the town of Niedenstein in the state of Hesse, Germany.  He emigrated along with his brother August from Bremen Harbor in Germany to New York  on the ship Elena, arriving on August 4, 1860.  Conrad’s wife was named Catherine (born December 1845 Germany, died 1933).   She also emigrated from Germany.  Together they had 7 children, six of those children were still living in the year 1900 in Brooklyn New York.  Conrad died in 1902.  The children were:
1. Freddie, born December 1876.  Freddie’s occupation was a mat maker (hat maker?)

2. Louisa, born August 1878

3. Eddie, born August 1882.  Eddie’s occupation was a brush maker.

4. Elizabeth born August 1883.   Elizabeth’s occupation was a pocketbook trimmer.   Elizabeth married Charles Hoffman and they had a daughter Helen who married Edward Gorges in 1943. Elizabeth Knatz Hoffmann died in 1976 at the age of 93.

5. Annie, born August 1890  Annie’s occupation was a candy-maker.