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The Knatz Family in the United States

Today the Knatz family can be found all around the United States. Because the family name is relatively rare in both Germany and the United States, it is easy to find patterns of Knatz family migration over time. In the United States, this website provided information on the Knatz family in New York, which is where my immigrant ancestor August Knatz settled. Also, there is information on the Knatz family in Maryland/District of Columbia area, which may be the earliest place in the United States where the Knatz family is found. This website also has a page for the Knatz family in Ohio where there is evidence that German Knatz emigrated directly to that location. There is also a page on the Knatz family from the Washington State and Yukon area, although these Knatz’s were originally from the Maryland area. If you have information about a Knatz family member¬† that you would like to contribute to this website, please contact me and I would be happy to upload any information you might have.¬† Pictures are always welcome.