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The Knatz Family in other parts of Germany

For Information on the Knatz family in Zueschen, Germany, which is not far from Niedenstein, please see the portion of this webpage that is titled “Knatz in Africa.”
You can read in the Knatz in Russia section of this website to find out how I met Ilse Knatz Ortabasi. She provided a copy of a report titled
“Ancestors and Descendents of the Couple my Christoph Siegmund Voelkel and Anna Christine, born Riehl, married in Cassel on November 1758.” Completed on December 31, 1949 by Frau Dir. H. Glinzer.
This report picked up with the Knatz family on the line of on Johannes Knatz, born in Cassel on July 23, 1768. He was married to Anna Margarethe Werner, who was born in Cassel, approximately 1785. Johannes and Anna had a son Jakob Carl Knatz, born in Cassel on May 2, 1800 and died in Cassel on September 5, 1892. According to Glinzer, Jakob was a mineralogist whose travel letters and poems are still in existence. He married Amalie Wilhelmine Volkel who was born in Cassel on February, 12, 1807. Jakob and Amalie had 6 children (Johann Ludwig, Heinrich, Luise, Herman, Ernst and Karl). It would be important to trace the lineage of Johannes Knatz, born in Cassel in 1767 to find out if there is a connection to Niedenstein.
Jakob’s son Herman Knatz moved to St. Petersburg and began the line of Russian Knatz’s. See the Knatz in Russia page.
Jakob’s son Karl, born in Cassel on February 2, 1842 died in Frankfurt on Feb 24, 1890. He married Auguste Lober and they had 6 children (Amelie, Julie, Otto, Emma, Luise, and Karlernst).
Otto (1872-1949) was born in Gelhausen and died in Berlin. He and his wife Clare Schulze (1870-1945) had a son Thomas born on March 10, 1906. He married Elsie Hoppenberg in London on October 19, 1935. They have two daughters, Ilse Knatz Ortabasi who lives in San Diego and Doris who lives in Brazil.

Mathias Hartung at hartung@gmx.net has Knatz family not far from Niedenstein in the town of Wabern  (or Harle) which is about 22.9  kilometers from Niedenstein.  He has supplied a copy of his family tree and I have posted it here.  If anyone knows a connection to this family, please contact him.

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