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Kassel, Germany

If you read the Knatz family letters included on this website, you will learn that many of the Niedenstein Knatz moved to the City of Kassel to find work.   The distance between Niedenstein and Kassel is approximately 21 kilometers so it not surprising that there was interaction between the Niedenstein and Kassel Knatz.  The information contained below is from a genealogy prepared by Frau. Dir. H. Glinzer  which begins with Amalie Wilkhelmine Volkel who was born in Kassel in 1807 and married Jakob Carl Knatz.  The Kassel branch of the Knatz family included several archaeologists  including the Dr. Frederick Knatz born in Kassel in 1868.  Frederick Knatz committed suicide in 1938 because he was suffering from cancer.  This branch of the family   spread to Berlin and St. Petersburg, Russia.  See the link for Knatz from Russia for more about the family that went to Russia.

This is a photograph of Professor Frederick Knatz, taken in his later years (possibly 1925 to 1935) and his obituary. The photograph is from a 1935 photo album found at the school  where is taught, the “Realgymnasium”, which today is known as the  “Albert Schweitzer-Schule” in Kassel.

Friedrich Knatz 20150428_103351 (3)Friedrich Knatz Todesanzeige (3) obituary