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Knatz Family Pedigree Charts with Supporting Documentation

The following are copies of original records that provided sources for the pedigree chart. Note in some cases, an entire page from the church book is given on the chance that information on other entries might be of interest to someone using the site. Please excuse the legibility of some of the scans. I appreciate your citing my website if you utilize this information. That might direct others to additional information.

Baptismal Record for August Knatz, his brother Conrad Knatz and his sister Elisabeth (who married Heinrich Schmoll. Heinrich and Elizabeth are the authors of the letters in the letters section of this website.) Source: Niedenstein Church Book

Note that these three records were cut and pasted onto a piece of paper by the pastor of the Niedenstein church before he mailed them to me. It is preferable to have the whole page on the chance that an error was made by the pastor. In this particular case, research done by a resident of Niedenstein. Gisela Weldner had August’s baptism in Feb 1837, Conrad’s birth in Jan 1838, 11 months later. She has listed Elisabeth’s baptismal as Oct 1841. August’s death certificate indicates he was 50 years and 3 months at his death in May 1887. That would make his birth Feb 1837, not Jan. 1836. I never went back to verify this in the church records myself. I probably should have since I put a engraved monument on his grave in Lutheran Cemetery (Now All Faith’s Cemetery) in Queens, New York City!

This is a photograph of the birthplace of August and Conrad Knatz, built 1817. The picture is the first page of the Niedensteiner Heimatbuch published in 1954 on the 700th Anniversary of the Town of Niedenstein. The Knatz farmhouse is in the front on the right side of the photo. The house is still there today.

Excerpt from Passenger List of the Ship Elena arrived August 04, 1860. Passenger No. 52 is August Knatz and Passenger No. 53 is Conrad Knatz. Note that both are listed as age 18 although August would have been 23 years old and Conrad would have been 21 years old. August lists himself as a weaver and Conrad as a shoemaker. Source: National Archives Passenger Lists (Microfilmed)

The May 3, 1887 death record of August Knatz Source: Municipal Archives, New York City

1874 The record of the baptism of the namesake for August Knatz, a child August Schmoll Source: Niedenstein Church Book. The entry is the top record on the page.

1804 October 28 Baptismal Record of Johannes Knatz, son of Johann Jost Knatz and Anna Catharina born Lechthaler. Source: Niedenstein Church Book. The record is the second entry from the top.

1809 Baptismal Record of Elisabeth Lechthaler (She is later referred to in the Church records as Anna Elisabeth Lechthaler and note her mother and godmother are both Anna Elisabeth’s) Source Niedenstein Church Books. Translation: 1809 July 21 Elisabeth, daughter of citizen and farmer, also present member of the local municipality, master Johannes Lechthaler, Jr. and his wife Anna Elis. born Krug. The girl was born 20 July 9am. Witness was Anna Elis, wife of Johann Martin Kroener from here.” In the margin :” died on the 24th of March 1857 as wife of the ackerburger Johannes Knatz. Record is second entry from the top of page.

1832, June 11. The marriage record of Johannes Knatz and Anna Elisabeth Lecthaler. Source: Niedenstein Church Book. Note that Johannes Knatz and Anna Elisabeth Lechthaler were first cousins. Johannes Knatz’s mother and Anna Elisabeth’s father were siblings.

1773 The Baptismal Record of Johannes Lechthaler, son of Carl Lechthaler. Source: Niedenstein Church Books Translation: 1773 August 15 Johannes, son of buildermaster (or master mason) Carl Lechthaler and his wife Anna Gertrud Heiderich, born on the 10th of this month am. Witness the tailor master Johannes Lechthaler from here.

1782 The Baptismal Record of Anna Elizabeth born Krug. Translation: 1782 Dec. 15 Anna Elis., daughter of Master Johann david Krug and his wife Anna Eliz. born Opfermann on the 9th of December in the morning between 5 and 6. Witness is Anna Elis, wife of the present Burgermeister Nelle. Note the death date is given in the margin for Anna Elis. on October 5 1836 as a widow of the ackerbruger (farmer) Johannes Lechthaler.

1802 The Marriage Record of Johannes Lechthaler and Anna Elisabeth Krug

1820 February 6. Baptismal record for Catharina Elisabeth Lechthaler. Translation: Catharina Elis., daughter of citizen and farmer Johannes Lechthaler Jr. and his wife Anna Elis. born Krug. She was born on the first of February at 10pm. Witness was Catharina Elis. Kroener.

1835 District Niedenstein 1835 August, 29. Johannes Lechthaler with birth date hand noted on the page as August 10, 1773, death as August 29, 1835.

1836 District Niedenstein Anna Elisabeth Lechthaler, with birth date hand noted on the page as December 1782 and Death as October 5, 1836

1815 Death Record of Martha Elisabeth Lechthaler. Translation: ” 1815 April 12 Buried Martha Elis., the legal daughter of Johannes Lechthaler citizen and Mason. She died 10 April 3am. She was 5 months and 19 days old.

1737 Baptismal record of Johann Carl Lechthaler. 1737 March 24. Johann Carl’s record is the first entry on the page. Note below the record on the same day as above “was baptised Friedrich Opfermann’s daughter carried by his wife’s youngest sister Anna Catharina Alheit and called Anna Catherina.” From this one can consider whther Friedrich’s Opfermann’s wife’s maiden name might be Alheit since her younger sister is an Alheit and if her younger sister is unmarried and Alheit is her maiden name. I have not verified this is the records.

1745 Baptismal record of Anna Gertrud Heiderich- Third document down

1768 Marriage of Johann Carl Lechthaler and Anna Gertrud Heiderich. 1768 24 November

1752 Baptismal Record of Johann David Krug. Note the Niedenstein Church Books have two births recorded for the birth of Johann David Krug, one in 1752 and one a few years earlier in 1747, both the sone of Johannese Krug Councilor. I have assumed that the first Johann David died and the next son was also called Johann David. But I did not document this by looking for a death record for Johann David Krug born 1748. Translation: “1752 April 23 was baptized son of councilor and church elder master Johannes Krug, born on the 18th of this month and carried by the present Mayor, master Johann David Krause, named Johann David.” The entry is the second one from the top of the page.

The other Baptismal Record for a Johann David Krug is translated as follows: “1748 May 24 was baptized the son of councilor master Johannes Krug who was born on the 19th of the month and carried by Master Mayor Johann David Krause and named Johann David.” So the Godfather was the same person and both father’s were listed as Councilor Johannes Krug. That led to my assumption that these are the son’s of the same person. Unfortunately at some periods, the records do not list the mother’s names which can lead to confusion.

1764 Baptismal record of Anna Elizabeth Opfermann- bottom record

1779 Marriage Record of Johann David Krug and Anna Elizabeth Opfermann. Translation: 1779 June 4 Johann David Krug, citizen and Anna Elis. Opfermann.

1768 Baptismal record of Johann Jost Knatz

Baptismal Record of Anna Catharina Lecthaler 1770

1794 Marriage Record of Johann Jost Knatz and Anna Catharina Lechthaler